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Books by Michael Heath

Michael Heath is a co-owner of SelfPublishingUS and a self-published author of a middle-grade book series, a non-fiction book about the alternatives to divorce litigation, and a New Adult novel.

As a self-published author, Michael is uniquely qualified to guide authors through the entire publishing process.


The Courtless Divorce

A Smarter Way to End a Marriage

GENRE: Non-Fiction, Self-Help 


Did you know that there are alternatives to a traditional, expensive, courtroom divorce? Learn about mediation and collaborative law.


Available on


The Eugene Series


GENRE: Children's Book Series

Garlic Bread for Eugene: Book 1. Join a neighborhood odyssey and a brush with the law as a boy attempts to fill the role of man-of-the-house after Dad's death.

Lemonade for Eugene: Book 2. Henry and Eugene learn at Alice’s lemonade stand about the coming foreclosure of a friend’s home.

Grilled Cheese for Eugene: Book 3. When Henry runs for 8th-grade class president budget cuts and policies affect the entire student body.

Tomato Soup for Eugene: Book 4. Henry discovers that the same courage used on the football field is harder to find when asking a girl for a date.


All available on Amazon - click on the book name.

Michael Health is available to guide and supports our SelfPublishingUS authors through their self-publishing experience.

If you have a book that you're writing and planning to self-publish - contact Michael Heath.

All of Michael's books are available for a single purchase on Amazon.

Bulk purchases available via SelfPublishingUS.

Contact Michael Heath for more information.

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