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Dorrett Johnson

Author BIO

Dr. Dorrett Johnson is a Registered Nurse, a Rehabilitation/Polytrauma/Traumatic Brain Injury Case Manager, and a retired US Army captain. She was motivated to author a user-friendly reference guide after witnessing the gap in services to brain-injured patients. Her goal is to narrow the gap by driving efficiency in nursing care for the patients diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury, otherwise known as concussion.  

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Keeping Young Players Safe

GENRE: Non-Fiction, Medical

This book stands to share didactic information in an elementary manner easily understood by many at the critical time ... of a concussion.


Time-critical information for young players of contact sports who've received a concussion. The reference guide is written for parents, coaches, athletic trainers, school nurses, and young athletes. 

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More About Dorrett Johnson

Dorrett was featured in a SelfPublishingUS Author Spotlight

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