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John Napotnik


John Napotnik is a retired educator who taught in middle school and high school. He became an author when he was inspired to write and share his father and son story.  His son, Eric, who had Downs Syndrome is much more than a son - he is a teacher. Their story is told in the book Spiritual Road Trip. 



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Spiritual Roadtrip

A Transcendent Journey with my Very Special Son


GENRE: Memoir 

Spiritual Roadtrip is a heart-warming and spiritually uplifting account of a father's relationship with his son, Erik, who has Down syndrome. The book is divided into three parts.


Part one covers the period between Erik's birth and graduation. It emphasizes his loving relationship with members of our family.


Part two highlights the most important life lessons I have learned from Erik, many of which occurred on our road trips.


Part three illustrates aspects of Erik's personality, several of which serve as spiritual reminders of how we should live our lives.

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