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Kate Rafferty provides book marketing services for SelfPublishingUS and the authors of SelfPublishingUS. She helps authors promote their books on the Internet with SEO, Internet Marketing.

Marketing Your Book on the Internet

Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, uses techniques to get more visibility for authors, their book(s), and their websites in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Websites are ranked to become higher in search results. There are hundreds of ranking factors. And your website/book can be found with thousands of keyword variations.

Kate works with authors on an overall book marketing strategy that can include any variation of digital properties such as websites, blogs, social media channels, and video channels (youtube). Every author should have at least one digital property, preferably a website. Your marketing could also include google business listings and other third party websites for reviews, listings, and articles. And just like when a traditional book publisher asks for your “list”, Kate can help guide or facilitate an email campaign with your list. Other ways to market your book(s) on the Internet is through press releases and advertising.


FREE Promotions with SelfPublishingUS

Kate supports a number of free promotional options for the authors of SelfPublishingUS:

  • Author Spotlights: post in our blog.

  • Our Authors: webpages created for our authors

  • SEO setup of Author Websites: websites created by SelfPublishingUS are automatically reviewed and optimized for the search engines.


Monthly SEO services are also available to help sell your self-published book.


More about Kate Rafferty

Kate has a background in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Information Technology (IT). She first became interested in the self-publishing industry when she learned about ebooks and KDP Amazon, and it seemed like the exciting, early days of Google and SEO. Around this time she met her neighbor, Michael Heath, and learned more about the self-publishing industry. Initially she worked directly with authors and the Amazon KDP process but quickly realized that their books did not look very professional. She discovered Smashwords and used them for ebook formatting as their requirements were much more stringent with a better final product. Authors soon became attracted to Amazon’s print-on-demand but an author’s unedited, unformatted manuscript rarely created a great-looking book. And ebooks need another type of formatting/layout, they are hard to control the overall look because everyone uses a different ebook reading device with very different font settings. In frustration, Kate reached out to Michael of SelfPublishingUS and soon, she was able to work again in this fascinating self-publishing industry but in her area of expertise, SEO.


Kate doesn’t have any books of her own, but she had a few in mind.

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