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Michael Heath

Michael Heath is a co-owner of the, a division of One Communications, LLC. The company supports authors throughout the self-publishing process. As a self-published author, Michael is uniquely qualified to guide authors through the entire publishing process.

Self-Publish Author, Blogger, Coach

Speaking with writers about their book projects and the options open to them is something that Michael Heath is passionate about. With four novels and one non-fiction book published, one traditionally published and four self-published, he knows what it is to stand author shoes. He enjoys providing advice through the company’s website blog page and semi-monthly newsletter. Give Michael a call and let him help you begin your publishing journey. 


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Michael Heath


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Michael worked for from 2008 to 2019 when it was owned and operated by Ron Pramschufer and Dana Cole. There he coached authors from unedited manuscripts through all the steps to distribution. This experience allowed him to get directly involved in all aspects of the publishing and printing process. He credits Ron Pramschufer for the opportunity and mentorship. It is why Michael decided to continue with the business model Ron pioneered some 40 years ago.  


An idea about two young boys dealing with the death of their father became a four-book project Michael calls the Eugene series. These books received glowing reviews and are still sold on Amazon today. Check out Garlic Bread for Eugene, Lemonade for Eugene, Grilled Cheese for Eugene and Tomato Soup for Eugene.


Michael saw the dark side of divorce litigation through the dissolution of his own marriage. The emotional and financial toll was terrible with statistics showing that he was sharing the same suffering with nearly half of all people who get married. In response to his curiosity, he studied for an alternative way to end a marriage and learned all he could about divorce mediation and collaborative law. With that knowledge, he wrote a book titled The Courtless Divorce that helps couples who are ending their marriage use a solutions-based method that avoids the emotional and financial costs of traditional divorce. For more information go to:

Links and more about the books written by Michael Heath.


Contact Michael Heath to discuss the book you want to self-publish!

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