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Michael Heath Interviews Self-Published Author Michael Heath

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

By Michael Heath /

RESCUE a novel by Michael Heath
RESCUE a novel by Michael Heath

Often, I interview our authors and post a short article into our newsletter and blog page so that others can learn more about them and their books. It is just one of the many ways that we stand by our slogan “Writers Helping Writers become Authors.” Today reveals a slightly different approach. I am interviewing myself (if that’s possible) to discuss my latest novel, Rescue.

Rescue by Michael Heath

Michael Heath, a co-owner of a book printer with publishing services, interviews Michael Heath for the SelfpublishingUS Author Spotlight.

Michael Heath: Welcome to the Author Spotlight interview.

Michael Heath: Thank you for speaking with me today.

Michael Heath: Now you know what your kids mean when they say you talk to yourself.

Michael Heath: Yeah, now it all makes sense.

Michael Heath: What was the inspiration for Rescue?

Michael Heath:: I love animals and wanted to write a book in the New Adult category. That was my beginning. I knew what I wanted to do. How the story comes to me, I am not quite sure. My imagination just takes over.

Michael Heath: How do you begin a book like yours? How is it even started?

Michael Heath: In my head I have a general idea of what I want to say. I then write a rough draft from beginning to end. I know that most of that first writing is real crap but that’s okay. As Mark Twain said, “there is no such thing as writing, only rewriting.” So, I write the whole thing knowing that the first draft is just the framework and will be nothing like the finished product.

Michael Heath: Are the characters in Rescue based off anyone you know?

Michael Heath: No, they are complete fabrications. They may exhibit characterizations of people I know or met, but that is it.

Michael Heath: How about the geographical settings used in Rescue ?

Michael Heath: I would say the vicinities are loosely based on the Bayshore area of Central New Jersey. It is an area that still has summer bungalows and a commercial fishing fleet. The story’s location resembles the Bayshore.

Michael Heath: Your book features several different dogs; was there a particular reason for the breeds you chose?

Michael Heath: I wanted to use purebreds rather than mixed breeds so that readers would have an easier time imagining what the dogs look like. The dog breeds used in the book are all distinctive; as you can imagine, this was done on purpose. Rescue focuses on a Chihuahua, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and a Blue Nose Pit Bull terrier.

Michael Heath: Since you write all the time, you probably did not need an editor.

Michael Heath: Everyone needs an editor! The book was professionally edited, a part of the process that I would never skip. A book full of errors is much harder to sell, and who wants to apologize for their work? I know editing is an expense, but I always say that editing does not cost; it pays.

Michael Heath: What point of view did you employ in the writing?

Michael Heath: I used alternating third person, limited.

Michael Heath: Can you explain that?

Michael Heath: Third person means that an external narrator is telling the story, not one of the characters. The perspective – that is, thoughts and feelings – is limited to a character. The narrative alternates between the main character Roger Wilson’s perspective and that of Buddy the Chihuahua. In this book, I always dedicate a whole chapter to one perspective, so it is easier for the reader to follow.

Michael Heath: You have received many compliments on the cover.

Michael Heath: I bought the image on before having the SelfPublishingUS design team create the cover. It is a good-looking cover which seems to pique people’s interest.

Michael Heath: Can you give us an idea of the storyline?

Michael Heath: Twenty-three-year-old Roger Wilson spent nearly three years in prison for transporting narcotics over state lines, and believes his future is ruined. After a parole meeting in Trenton, he sees a cold, neglected Pit Bull in someone’s backyard and considers risking it all to save the dog. That is how the book begins.

Michael Heath: What is your marketing strategy?

Michael Heath: I have shipped free copies to rescue shelters all over the country along with a note asking that they hang an enclosed poster advertising my book.

Michael Heath: Anything else?

Michael Heath: I blasted it to my Facebook friends and sold some books. Those who bought it were asked to write a review on Amazon.

Michael Heath: How about cause marketing? Did you add a dog charity on the back of the book mentioning that a portion of the sales benefit that cause?

Michael Heath: I actually tried that by approaching several rescue shelters with a synopsis of my book. None got back to me. Maybe they were skeptical as to how well the book would be written or edited. Now that the book is out there and visible, I suspect I’ll hear from them now. If that happens, a cause campaign will be considered for a second printing.

Michael Heath: How can someone get a copy of your book?

Michael Heath: Rescue is available on Amazon in both print and e-book formats.

I have also been mailing signed copies directly to people, payable by mailed check, cash, or Venmo ($20.00). I can be contacted at and my Venmo handle is (Michael-heath-127)

Michael Heath: Thank you for your time.

Michael Heath: You are welcome.

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