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I Can Choose, I Can Choose, So Can You

Come on an adventure with Alexis as she makes the right

choice. This creative and inspiring children’s book celebrates

the power of making choices, with the Golden Rule at the

heart of it. Through great illustrations and the use of critical thinking,

this book sends the powerful message to children and parents

that choices are to be made, and choosing the right one is always

the best choice. This book gives a parent the opportunity to engage

and educate their child in the importance of decision making. The

unique illustrations throughout the book will capture the child’s attention

while encouraging the parent to engage in positive choice

interaction and quality time.

I Can Choose, I Can Choose, So Can You


Unit Price $8.25 for each book.

The above price for your book is for a block of 25 Books at a wholesale price, no additional cost, FREE shipping.

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