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The Modern Day Ninevah

Two years after Darrell Anderson introduced the world to the-underlying causes to sexual identity issues in his groundbreak

ing work “Who Am I”: The journey to discovering my true

sexual identity, “the question remains: where is the world headed, with regards to sexual identity issues? In this follow up edition Anderson explains how the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender LGBT) community is working with the Federal, States and local) governments to change laws and policies to create new Laws and policies that support the homosexual lifestyle. Anderson explains how the new Laws and policy changes will affect the christian church and the daily lives of everyone. Anderson also explains how Gay rights. will be the catalyst that ushers in Bible prophecies In The Modern Day Nineveh, Darrell Anderson explains that same sex relationships are not a part of God’s family plan. In fact, same sex relationships are part of the devil’s scheme to destroy God’s

family plan. Anderson offers a path to deliverance from same sex. attractiion and confusion about one’s sexual identity.

The Modern Day Ninevah


Unit Price $9.80 for each book.

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