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THE WAY I SEE IT A Head-to-toe Guide to Common Orthopaedic Conditions

Have you ever left your doctor’s office and not known what your

bone, joint, ligament, or tendon diagnosis was? Did you understand

the medical terms he used, and did you know the treatment

plan and how long it may take? Did he discuss the indications and

complications of any surgical procedure you may have?

Well, you’re not the only patient who has done so. After 33 years

as an active orthopaedic surgeon, I can fully understand your

frustration. I have written this guide to explain the most common

bone and joint conditions in easy-to-understand terms so the next

time you visit your doctor you will be more knowledgeable and

armed with intelligent questions about your condition.

This book is written so you, the reader, are with me, one-on-one,

as we take a comprehensive tour of the most common orthopaedic

problems from Head-to-Toe along with phonetic descriptions

of medical terms as well as photos and diagrams depicting the

anatomy of many parts of the upper and lower extremities as well

as the spine; how an orthopaedist’s office works; what to expect

the day of surgery; and chapters on stress fractures, osteoporosis,

fibromyalgia, bone healing, and medical tests.

Believing that your participation in your care is important, I know

that this book will give you more than enough knowledge to begin

to understand your condition and problems you, your family,

or friends may have in the future.

Now, get ready for an interesting and instructive ride with me as

you read The Way I See It!

THE WAY I SEE IT A Head-to-toe Guide to Common Orthopaedic Conditions


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