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Adam Randolph


Adam Randolph is an author, English teacher, and minor league environmentalist. He lives in Japan and Hawaii. He experienced the 60's and endeavored to write his first book “I’m Just Beginning to See” about Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues.



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I'm Just Beginnng to See

A story in the Songs of Justin Hayward



This is not a book about Justin Hayward — the lead guitarist for the Moody Blues. It's a book about Justin Hayward's lyrics and a story that the author found in those lyrics. The story, that begins in the song Tuesday Afternoon on the 1967 Moody Blues LP Days of Future Passed, and that ends in the song The Land of Make-Believe on the 1972 Moody Blues LP Seventh Sojourn, is the tale of a young man taking the path within and, there, searching for truth.

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