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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us



Following are testimonials about our cover designs, illustrations, and book printing services. 

john allen_edited_edited.jpg

I am a first-time author. Getting my book created would have been total hopelessness, if it wasn't for SelfpublishingUS. Who knows how many times I would have been ripped off by others.The help I have received From Michael and Vincent has been absolutely awesome. Vince is so talented and such good guy, we have become buddies. I greatly appreciate his friendship.

John L. Allen

Shelia McClendon.png

Many thanks to Vince for helping me publish my first book, The UnUnited $tate of America! I’m forever grateful for Vince’s support, guidance and overall positive coaching! 

Shelia McCendon

Author Spotlight

Elizabeth Gilbert.jpg

"For the many authors who reject the big New York publishing houses, I highly recommend looking into SelfPublishingUS as a reliable and professional alternative. Please avoid the self-publishing companies that promise the sun, moon and stars and deliver nothing other than a huge invoice. Check out the rest and go with the best."

Elizabeth Gilbert

Johnnie R. Jackson, Ph.D.jpg

Vince, I would be negligent if I did not articulate to future authors, the extraordinary attention to details and the professionalism that you exhibited in designing and publishing y 3 exquisite books. Specifically, Genocide of Americans-The Healthcare Tsunamis (2004) and Obama Cares About America-Best President in American History (2010) sold well. But my latest book, A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare (2019), was a tremendous success during my book signings, until COVID-19 began to spread. My last book has received raving reviews. I have recommended you to many of my friends, who are aspiring to become authors. Thanks again.

Johnnie R. Jackson, Ph.D.

Author Spotlight


Hi Vince - ... first impressions on the cover - WOW!  You really brightened it up - great colors!  And aligned text so beautifully - fantastic!  The only thing I am wondering about is making my about author blurb smaller in font than the about book section.  So let me reflect on that.  But just wanted to give you a quick note to say I LOVE what you’ve done!  Thank you, Vince!!! I so appreciate what you have done!




Hi Vince, After getting to see the absolutely superlative cover design you created for my novel, I felt compelled to tell you how much I appreciate your artistry. The visual impact of the graphics and layout you used is, in a word, stunning.  Your extraordinarily creative composition of the cover captured the mood, intensity, and motif of the thriller genre to perfection. I am sure your work will draw potential readers to the book. The layout, font choice, and page design of the text is equally terrific.


Thanks for a fantastic job on my first novel!

Best regards,

 —Les Fitterer


Thank you for your help! I am truly so impressed by your quick response and the expert help that you offer your clients! I will continue to use your company again and again! Thank you thank you!

 —Tamara Chamberlain


To Owner of Self PublishingUs/ Vince Pannullo:

I am writing you a brief note to say thank you! Words can not express the level of professionalism and genuine care you have exemplified towards me as a customer. I am amazed at the quality of work! Your integrity is also appreciated. I felt at peace throughout the entire process. Most businesses will do anything to get the extra dollar. You did the exact opposite, you were willing to provide the best deal for me-you have the customers best interest. I pray that God will continue to bless your work. Hopefully, we can continue to work together in the future. Blessings 

 —Rev. Stacey B. Jones Pastor/ Life Coach

Kimball Ladien.jpg

"I am delighted to tell your audience what a wonderful job that you have done with both books, The Chicago Project and Safe Haven -- Breaking the Cycles. The personalized attention that Self PublishingUS gives writers simply cannot be duplicated by Amazon or others. I highly recommend SelfPublishingUS to all aspiring writers wishing to be heard. They would do Gutenberg proud by their excellent work!"

—Kimball Ladien, MD

tracy vallier.jpg

Good Afternoon. The reprinted books, "Crow in the Seven Devils Mountains," just arrived on my doorstep. Boxes are in fine shape as are the books, at least in the first box I opened. Thank you diligence and professionalism. I look forward to working with you more and will recommend you whenever I can.


—Sincerely, Tracy Vallier

barbara Dzikowski.jpg

I have had the pleasure of working with Vince Pannullo as my cover and text designer for three novels, and I couldn’t be happier with the end results. Vince’s expertise in layout and design are exceptional! He is a true professional, works quickly and efficiently, and strives to meet his clients’ needs and expectations on all levels. He understands the importance of helping authors bring their cover visions to fruition through his creative designs. I hope to work with Vince on all my future novels, and I highly recommend him!


—Barbara J. Dzikowski

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