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MISSION STATEMENT: is a New York City company offering serious authors high-quality book printing and publishing services including editing, cover design, layout, children’s book illustrations, and e-book conversions. Authors who use us retain ownership of the files, copyright and publishing rights.

self logo facebook.jpg is a division of One Communications US, LLC. was launched after his friend, Ron Pramschufer founder of RJ Communications, Inc. D/B/A and passed away and his business partner, Dana Cole, decided to go into semi-retirement.


Vince was so passionate about the operation he decided to reopen as using a similar philosophy and business model. The company operates as a book-printer with self-publishing services. This means that authors own and control their work. Because there is no transfer of ownership, authors always have a very real opportunity to make a profit.

The business is thriving with many former authors coming to the company for the same great service they remember. New customers are glad to find a company that is invested in their success. Vince and Jacki managed to hold most of the old team together allowing for a near-seamless transition. Authors can still count on the same great work from its editors, designers, illustrators, printers and tech people whom they have gotten to know and rely on. Think of this company as being much like the old company but with some newer, better features.

When authors succeed our company succeeds!

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