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Vince Pannullo

Self Publish Printing & Book Coach

Vince Pannullo coaches authors looking to self-publish and print their book. He has years of print experience in the self-publishing industry. Vince coaches our authors through the book interior layout, cover design, binding, paper choices, and much more. 


Graphic Designer

With thousands of print and book design jobs to his name, You can rest assured that your self-published book project will be in the right hands. If you connect with Vince by phone, get ready for a fun conversation!

More about Vince Pannullo

Vince was raised in Brooklyn, New York. A love of design began at the early age of 14, when he started his own company designing movie star posters. With an entrepreneurial spirit, young Pannullo spent many weekends on the Manhattan streets selling his posters. After leaving school, Pannullo followed a passion for graphic design, prepress and print production by founding a printing company in the 1980’s he named Distinct Color Graphics Inc. He excelled in all areas of printing, gaining distinction as an expert in Adobe, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark, In-Design. In such demand for both his creative and technical skills, Pannullo worked with Doubleday Publishing, Random House, Modern Publishing, Time Warner Inc, TV Guide and many others.


One of many memorable moments was when he was hired to create the first Nickelodeon magazine, a launch that featured an image of Chevy Chase on the cover. 


It was through the industry that Vince met Ron Pramschufer, then a salesman who sold products to Distinct Color Graphics. When Ron announced in the early days of the internet that he was starting a company called that would allow authors a new way to publish their books while retaining their publishing rights, he hired Vince’s company Distinct color graphics, to do much of the design work. It was then that began a thirty-year partnership and an introduction to the business philosophy that Vince would one day carry on.

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Contact Vince Pannullo at

212-682-3828 to discuss the book

you want to self-publish!

first Nickelodeon magazine created by Vince Pannullo

First Nickelodeon Magazine, created by Vince Pannullo / Distinct Color Graphics NYC

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