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Children's Book Illustrations 


You can select from one of nine illustrators - samples from our illustrations are featured in the bottom of this page Our "Children's picture book program" is a 4-step program to help authors feel comfortable throughout the illustration process. A variety of print trims and quality printing have made SelfPublishingUS popular with children's book self-published authors.  

Children's picture book Program

This 4-step program is designed for the children’s book writer with an “open mind”. You have written a great children’s book and it’s time to have it illustrated. If you can picture yourself allowing the illustrator to illustrate, without you feeling the need to micro manage every tiny detail, this program is for you. All you need to do is supply the manuscript, indicating which text belongs on each page, and the illustrator will do the rest. The program is comprised of four basic steps. Each one of these steps is necessary to totally complete the project. The best part of this program is you can cancel at either of the first two stages and use what we have done to pursue another illustrator.

Step 1:  Look and Feel

Before initiating this first step, supply your manuscript to SelfPublishingUS as a digital document. Most children's books are either a 24 or 32-pages. If you need assistance in getting your manuscript into this format, we have people who can assist you. You should also have an idea of the trim size (page size) - see options below.


When beginning this first step let us know what style you like (cartoon-like, realistic, etc...). And provide descriptions of what you want illustrated on each spread (two facing page) .


Select one of our eight illustrators (see samples in the banner above). Then select one spread for the illustrator to do the initial "Look and Feel". We will provide you with a pencil sketch of the spread and you will have the choice of accepting or rejecting that pencil sketch. If you accept it, you move on to Step 2 "Complete Pencils." If you reject the sample or have comments, a revised pencil will be shown to you. There may or may not be a charge for this. If the illustrator feels he/she cannot accomplish the change(s) requested, you have the choice to purchase another "Look and Feel" with another SelfPublishingUS illustrator, or you may hire your own illustrator.

2  Pages pencil sketch $175.00

Step 2:  Complete Pencils

Step 2, Complete Pencil Illustrations, should be purchased after you accept the "Look and Feel" from Step 1. This step includes a complete set of pencil illustrations for the twenty-four or thirty-two pages in the book, based on the style of the "Look and Feel" and following any descriptions you may have provided. (Remember to include a title page and copyright page in your page count.) The text is placed on these pages based on your instructions.


The pricing for Complete Pencil includes twelve illustrations for a twenty-four page book and sixteen illustrations for a thirty-tow page book. There should be no more than four characters. Additional illustrations are available at an extra fee. If you have comments on these pencils, your illustrator will show you revisions and prior to doing so will confirm if any additional fees are required.


Once you accept the pencils, then you are ready to move on to Step 2 “Coloring and Finalization” and Step 4 “Cover Design”. Or, you may cancel the job completely and use the pencils as a guide in finding a different illustrator. If you choose not to proceed, you will owe nothing further to SelfPublishingUS.

24 pages pencil sketch $490.00 

32 pages pencil sketch $640.00

Step 3:  Coloring & Finalization

This is the step where your book gets ready to print. All of the Illustrations are colored and are prepared so they will reproduce on a digital of offset printing press. A sample spread will be shown to you for an approval prior to the illustrator doing the whole book. This keeps corrections to a minimum, as the palette and style of coloring are approved first. Corrections can be made at an agreed price.

24 Pages colored  $1,400.00

32 Pages colored  $1,700.00

Step 4:  Front, spine & back cover 

A good book cover (paperback) or casewrap (hardcover) will help sell books. From the full page colored pages, you will select an illustration(s) or part of one for the front and back of your book. With this selection you will give the illustrator all of the text for the cover/casewrap (title, author on front and spine, and some copy on the back that may describe the story or be a bit about the author along with ISBN, price and barcode). The illustrator will show you a pencil for approval. Revisions are included in this price.

Cover  $350.00

Book Illustrators 


There are nine illustrators available to you in this program. Each illustrator has a different style and interprets text differently. Take some time and look at the samples provided here. See which ones speak to you and then select one. If you absolutely cannot choose one, we have someone who can assist you. Good luck.



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