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Ron Pramschufer was the founder and President of Self Publishing, Inc. Vince Pannullo and Michael Heath worked with Ron for many years. He was a true entrepreneur, loved books, publishing, and helping authors to publish their book.

Ron Pramschufer loved running what was a very author-focused company., like it’s successor, was a book-printer with publishing services which meant the writer’s owned and controlled their work. Since there was no transfer of ownership, the authors always had a very real chance of making a profit. Ron believed that if the author was successful, they would write more books and come back to print again.

vince and ron 1994.jpg

Vince Pannullo and Ron Pramschufer in 1994

He never liked how most other self-publishing companies retain the publishing rights, allowing them to pick the author’s pocket when the book sells. He saw that as a dishonest and grossly unfair way to do business; albeit very profitable. He often said about the competition: “They may eat better than us, but we sleep better than them. follows the same philosophy and business model. The business is thriving with many former authors coming to the company for the same great service they remember. 


When authors succeed the company succeeds, and that allows Vince and Michael to sleep very well.

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