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Ana M. Gomez


Ana M. Gomez is a psychotherapist, author, and lecturer. She has written numerous books, articles, chapters, and therapeutic material for children that have emerged from almost 20 years of clinical practice and the latest findings in neurosciences and psychology. 



16871_Dark Bad Day ... Go Away By Ana Gomez.jpg

Dark, Bad Day ... Go Away!

A book for children about the trauma and EMDR Therapy


Illustrated by: Carlos Serrano Acosta


GENRE:  Children's Book

Dark, Bad Day…Go Away is a hardcover, illustrated book for children that motivates, prepares, and guides children to use EMDR therapy.

It is available in Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese.

Available on

16870_Let's have a Visit with our Feelings bY ANA GOMEZ.jpg

Let's Have A Visit With Our Feelings

A book for children to Increase Emotional Tolerance and Acceptance


Illustrated by: Sergio Aguirre


GENRE:  Children's Book

This book was written with a vision of assisting children who struggle with adversity and are unable to embrace their emotions. An important part of living a healthy emotional life is the ability to feel and accept our feelings. If hardship has occurred, being able to tolerate, mindfully observe, and hold with compassion the feelings associated with such adverse events will be an essential aspect of healing.

Available on

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