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Children's Interior and Casewrap Design


The importance of good layout and design is often overlooked or undervalued by the author of an illustrated children’s book. Beautiful illustrations frequently blind the novice publisher into thinking that the illustrations alone are the key to success. But without the proper design, your children’s book is bound to fail.


At SelfPublishingUS, we are here to help you every step of the way. With illustrated children’s books you have three basic choices of format… these formats are determined by binding style. The interior pages are the same with all. The difference is that a paperback book requires a cover. A hardcover book requires a printed casewrap. In addition to a printed casewrap, publishers sometime prefer a separate jacket to make their book complete. The choice is yours.


Package Includes:

  • Consultation with Graphic Designer to establish general book layout, graphic design and type faces.

  • 24 or 32 pages of text layout from your MS Word manuscript, and original scanned or digital artwork.

  • Scanning of original artwork, if necessary (up to16 scans)

  • Creation of casewrap

  • Creation of title, copyright, dedication, and author bio pages

  • Layout text, combine with illustrations

  • Design single color endpapers for offset printing

  • PDF proof for approval

  • 1 round of corrections (up to 25 corrections)

  • Final PDF proof for approval prior to sending files to printer*

Children's Interior and Casewrap Design.jpg


Here at Self PublishingUS, we communicate to you on the progress of any job via phone or email. 


We expect you to do your part in supplying us with a finalized manuscript and no author should expect to continue “tweeking’ the text after the book has been laid out. However, it is understandable that once the interior has been designed that the author may catch some things they did not see before. That is why we allow one round of up to twenty-five free corrections for items like misspellings, punctuation changes, or grammar issues. Additional rounds come with a $45 file opening cost plus $1.50 for each correction.


The above does NOT include wholesale changes like switching out or adding images, removing or adding in paragraphs, or any style changes. Such alterations are not considered corrections but fall into the category of additional graphic design work which will be charged on a $90 an hour basis.


*NOTE: Our Design Service is offered exclusively to author/publishers who print books with Self No print ready files will be sent to customer until after books are printed. Once books are printed, you can request a copy of the print ready PDF files. Complete application files are also available after books are printed for an additional $149.

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