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Dr. Donna M. Beegle


Dr. Donna M. Beegle is an author, speaker, and trainer. She travels across the nation to break the iron cage of poverty for others through services provided by her company, Communication Across Barriers (CAB). Since 1989, state agencies, politicians, and other organizations have partnered with her to implement community-wide approaches to improving outcomes for citizens in poverty.



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SEE POVERTY... Be The Difference!

Discover the Missing Pieces for Helping People Move Out of Poverty


GENRE:  Non-Fiction, Resource

This book is a resource that provides an authentic opportunity for gaining a foundation, rooted in lived experience and research, for understanding poverty and addressing its impacts. It is designed to shatter stereotypes with facts about poverty and to provide concrete tools and ideas for creating programs and systems that are responsive to the needs of people living in poverty conditions.


Use it as a tool to help you be the missing piece and truly make a difference for students and families who live in poverty.

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