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James Caskey


James Caskey is a tour owner, licensed guide, historian, and author in Savannah, Georgia. In 2001, he founded Cobblestone Tours, a walking ghost tour based in Savannah, Georgia. The tour company has always been devoted to telling the true history and real stories of Savannah. This search for accuracy naturally led to the world of writing: Caskey’s first book, Haunted Savannah, is a local best-seller.




Haunted Savannah

America's Most Spectral City


GENRE:  Paranormal

Historian and tour guide James Caskey covers over forty of Savannah’s most infamous ghost stories, resulting in a paranormal compilation unlike any other.


Haunted Savannah: America’s Most Spectral City is not a collection of dry facts, dates and folklore; it is an enlightening and entertaining journey for anyone interested in the paranormal, from magical mystery tourist to serious ghost hunter. Containing over 50 photos and a detailed map of Savannah’s Historic District, this book is the perfect ‘pocket tour guide’ for the do-it-yourself ghost seeker. 

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