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John Allen


I would like to acknowledge my inspiration for writing this book, Dr. David Jeremiah of the Turning Point Broadcast Ministry. I would like to thank you all for accepting my book and giving me eternal life.

–John Allen

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The Five Miracles

Author of the best-selling book

Diesel Books Publishing

The Five Miracles was written because I returned to God and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I became a born-again Christian for the second time. I then started bible study because I barely knew anything about it. What I learned is that Jesus wants us all to be his disciples. Since I was too old to become a missionary, I told my life story instead.


I have had a long, amazing life thanks to God. I’m happy and blessed with 8 wonderful children, 23 grandkids and (?) great grandkids and counting. I plan on writing at least one more Godly book with what little time I have left. I believe this is my destiny. I have finally arrived. I just turned 79 and am hoping for 80 and praying you will like this book and those following. Your Friend,

Sincerely: John Allen

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