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Johnnie H. Williams


Johnnie Herman Williams Jr. is a veteran and an author of several books. He started writing after finishing his tour of duty in Vietnam. His hope is that his story can guide you to a happier way of life too. Purchase one of Johnnie's books to help veterans all throughout New York and the surrounding regions!


He is also the owner of The Way For Veterans Contracting Company LLC.  There is no job in which a determined veteran cannot do. His motto is "Hire a Hero!" It is up to us to change our future.




Suicide Stop It NOW!

Help Is On The Way!


GENRE: Veteran

This book was written by a veteran for veterans to help prevent suicide. It addresses the need to talk, asking for help, and understanding Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder, PTSD.


Available on Amazon


Who Am I

Help Is On The Way!


GENRE: Veteran

Written by a veteran for veterans to help manage the hundreds of emotions that veterans/people go through  everyday. Learn about the many paths your inner mind has which can lead to either the creation or the destruction of oneself. And your options. 

Available on Amazon

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