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Kareem Hayes

Kareem Hayes found his passion for writing and storytelling at an early age in New York City. Today, he’s known as INF The Author, an independent publisher who has sold over 30,000 books by hand. A force to be reckoned with, he’s taking the literary world by storm with a no-holds-barred, descriptive style of writing. His love for his audience drives him to create superior works that not only entertain but also inform. Inf the Author’s goal is to enlighten the masses and empower his community as well as other up-and-coming authors and artists.

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Necessary Evil

Vol 1

GENRE: Dystopian Fiction

Necessary Evil is a tale based on the social ecology of New York City's drug trade during the early 90s. In this book he explores the story of a lost generation, emerging from dysfunctional parents who were plagued by the "crack era " and menaced by the ever-growing epidemic of HIV in our ghetto communities. In a day and age when Hip-Hop as art imitates life or is it vice versa? This story is a story of the trials and tribulations of " the 80's babies ".

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Necessary Evil

Vol 2

Necessary Evil volume two is not the continuation of the first book, it is the evolution. It explores the growing pains associated with spiritual awakening.

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More About Kareem Hayes

Kareem Hayes was featured in a SelfPublishingUS Author Spotlight. Read more about Necessary Evil (and Vol 2).

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