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Leonard Laurencin


Leonard Laurencin PhD, is an author of several books and the founder and pastor of the Advent Fellowship Church in Brooklyn, New York.  He completed his PhD in Old Testament Theological studies and is a devout student and apologist of the Bible. 



23006 Unleashing the power of god word.jpg

Unleashing The Power of God's Word

A practical guide to help Lay-people understand difficult Biblical themes and to preach the word of God with power


GENRE:  Religion

It provides simple hermeneutic and exegetic principles to those who feel defenseless against skeptics, agnostics, and atheists. 

Crunch Time Evangelism Leonard Laurencin.jpg

Crunch TIME Evangelism

A final attempt to reach a dying world with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ


GENRE:  Religion

This is a simple and easy-to-read guide that can direct the church to make a shift from an old t a new approach in ministry. This book strongly affirms that the urgency of our time demands an urgent change in our rescue operation that is propelled by an urgent message.


Mending-Leonard Laurencin 23024.jpg


The Lives of Broken People


GENRE:  Religion

"A captivating book filled with introspection and empathy ... this book brings hope and healing to the shattered spirit of those who read this insightful book..." - Dr. Ronald Smith PhD, D.D, Th.D.


23031 Saint Lucian .jpg

Saint Lucian

Story Telling

(Tiwé Listwa Sent Lisi)



A collection of stories from Saint Lucia's past includes tales of events in the lives of sufvivers of the 1938 Ravine Poisson landslide disaster. Their words, their stories, have eolved into an ensemble of prose and satires that share their Afro-centric heritage. 


23033 Miracles.jpg


Stories in the Life of an Evangelist


GENRE:  Religion

This book presents truthful and honest stories that appeal to both Christian and non-Christian believers. The stories prove that god is truly a miracle worker.


23036 Reigniting the passion.jpg

Reigniting the Passion for Public Evangelism

Missing links in presenting the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world


GENRE:  Religion

This is a practical guide in evangelism. It contains the framework of workbook. It is a must have tool in the evangelism toolbox of every church member, leader, minister, evangelist, and pastor. This book is a blueprint of fresh ideas, practical steps, and a new approach in using Christ method.

22878 Hot Button.jpg

Hot Button Doctrinal Issues That Can Impede Evangelism and Church Growth Among Contemporary Seventh-Day Adventist


GENRE:  Religion

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