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Books Can Take You Places – Here’s How Authors Can Get Discovered

Written by guest blogger Leslie Campos/

Aspiring writers often face the challenge of getting their names out there. It can be difficult to get noticed, and even more so to be taken seriously as a professional author. The good news is that there are steps you can take to become known in the writing world — SelfPublishingUS shared tips below.

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Build a Reputable Author Website

The first step for any writer should be creating a professional author website. This allows you to showcase your work, provide contact information, and give potential clients an insight into who you are and what you offer. Investing time and energy in crafting a well-designed website with relevant content will help boost your chances of being discovered by those in the literary or publishing industry.

Initially the website should be about you and your writings. When your book(s) is available you can showcase your book cover(s) and provide information on where to buy and links to buy online. You should also include links to all your active social media pages. Provide a means for someone to add their email to your list.

Grow Your Social Media Presence

In today’s world, it’s important to have an active social media presence. Create accounts on different platforms, and make sure they reflect your personal brand as a writer. Share content that relates to your genre or interests, engage with other writers online, follow industry influencers, and join groups related to writing. This will help expand your reach while connecting you with others in the field.

Join Forums and Writing Groups Online

Joining an online writing group or forum provides many benefits for aspiring authors. You can stay up to date on all topics related to writing, receive advice from more experienced authors, and even find potential clients or employers who may be looking for someone with your skill set. Furthermore, you can also share experiences and advice with other writers in the community, such as how to successfully pitch articles and market yourself as a writer.

Get Involved with Book Events

Provide author readings for libraries and bookstores. Visit networking groups and book clubs. Attend industry events relevant to your genre, such as book fairs and conferences, to get noticed. At these events you can make connections, sell your book, or get feedback on your work.

Submitting Your Writing for Maximum Visibility

Submitting pieces of work that interest you is an excellent way to get exposure as a writer and show off your talents. Not only can you showcase your writing style on social media platforms, but submitting articles, stories, poems, and other genres for publication can draw the attention of potential clients. Plus, the more popular a publication becomes, the greater the chances are for new opportunities.

Reaching Out to Influencers

Another great way to get noticed in the literary world is by connecting with influencers. Social media and live events, such as book signings, are great places to start these conversations. Talking to influential people in your field could open doors for amazing career opportunities; don't pass up any opportunity like this.

Designing Your Own Business Cards for Networking

Having business cards handy when networking is always a great way to make a good impression. A custom card tailored specifically towards showcasing yourself as an author can leave a lasting impression on potential employers or contacts in the publishing industry. Plus, these cards look amazing and this may help you stand out from other networking opportunities.

Taking the first steps to make yourself known in the writing world doesn't have to be a daunting experience. You can create a professional website, build a presence on social media, join online groups and discussion boards, or invest in some custom business cards. All these steps can help you make your mark when it's time for that long-awaited big break.

Are you ready to share your book with the world? Let SelfPublishingUS help you get started. Visit our site today to learn more.

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