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Jacki Lynch Returns to SelfPublishingUS

Welcome Back Jacki Lynch!

Jacki Lynch

Jacki Lynch was part of the ORIGINAL Self-Publishing, Inc. We are happy to announce that she is back with us, the SelfPublishingUS team!

Authors often counted on her to help them on their book publishing journey, which is exactly why we asked her back! As our operations Manager, she focuses on managing all the tasks that it takes to for self-published authors to print their books.

"I loved working at Self-Publishing, and I'm thrilled to be back at SelfPublishingUS" says Jacki

SelfPublishing THEN

When Self-Publishing, Inc. closed its doors after 30 successful years in business, Jacki had been front and center for the prior fourteen years. Everyone knew her. The authors were greeted by her cheery voice. She provided excellent customer service which felt like special motherly care during the self-publishing process.

SelfPublishingUS NOW

SelfPublishingUS is no longer located in New York City, but Jacki is.All of our books are still designed and printed in the USA and thanks to technology and the changing times Jacki can work remotely to support our authors and the book printing project process. If one of our authors has a question Jacki will work tirelessly on their behalf, offering candid advice based on her experience to help you make the best decisions on your book project.

Feel free to contact her at if you have any

questions about your book project.

by Kate Rafferty /

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