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Kathryn Gage: Art as a Passion

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

By Michael Heath /

It was the mouthless, cherubic characters inside the Joan Walsh Anglund children’s books that first inspired Kathryn Gage. The books famous for evoking feelings of love, spirituality, and friendship caused her to discover a passion for art. Obsessed with Anglund’s work, Gage began taking watercolor lessons in junior high school before training at Auburn University where she eventually earned a master’s in fine art. Now an accomplished artist with her own expressions of style and energy, Gage still allows Anglund’s emotional, human connective ability to shine through her work.

Although a versatile artist, Gage specializes in watercolors and is often sought out to illustrate children’s books. She was commissioned to illustrate the Penny Laine Papers keepsake collection and has scores of other books to her credit. Most recently, she illustrated Goodnight Tuscaloosa for author Amy Whittemore and the soon to be published GranAngel Love by Candace Fox. Children are very visually oriented; Gage’s flair for color and character creation is a major reason why the books she illustrates are so successful.

Gage’s work includes landscapes, beach scenes, florals, abstracts, and much more. She paints many female figures that include vintage twists. Her aim is to evoke a reaction so that the viewer may ponder who the subject is. Portraits are a big part of her art practice. A skill for achieving the essence of a person or pet -- that a photograph cannot achieve -- is one of her specialties.

The artwork of Kathryn Gage hangs in several galleries throughout the Southeast. She participates in a few art shows every year, including the Kentucky Art Festival. Her work can be found and is available for purchase on Commissioned work, children’s book illustrations, and portraits can be ordered by reaching Kathryn though her website.

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