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Print Books — Who's Reading Them?

Print Books: The Enduring Power of the Physical Page

By K. Rafferty /

In our hyper-digital age, the question lingers: are print books a relic of the past? Ebooks have surged in popularity, offering convenience and portability. Yet, physical books continue to hold a special place in our hearts (and homes). So, who's still reading print books, and why?

The Allure of the Tangible: Why Print Books Endure

There's a certain charm to holding a physical book. The weight of the tome in your hands, the satisfying rustle of turning pages, and the distinct scent of ink and paper all contribute to a unique reading experience. Studies even suggest that physical books can enhance focus and comprehension compared to digital screens.

Print books also offer a sense of ownership and permanence. Highlighting passages, taking notes in the margins, and building a personal library are all practices unique to the physical format. These tangible connections create a deeper engagement with the written word.

A Thriving Market: Print Books Aren't Going Anywhere

Despite the rise of ebooks, the print book industry remains robust. This growth is fueled by a dedicated readership who values the tactile experience and appreciates the curated collections offered by independent bookstores.

Furthermore, audiobooks, which are often narrated by celebrities and professional voice actors, have breathed new life into the print book market. Many listeners choose to follow along with a physical copy for a more immersive experience.

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