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Updated: May 24, 2022

Frank Shelton saw the power of government and did not always like what he saw.

By Michael Heath /


Decades of Sheltons in the Nation’s Capital

Five generations of Washington, DC law enforcement give Frank Shelton deep roots in our nation’s capital. He lights up with pride as he relates how his great-great-great-grandfather was one of the police officers who carried a dying Abraham Lincoln from Ford’s Theatre across Tenth Street to the Petersen family’s boarding house. Shelton kept up the family tradition by becoming a White House Police Force Officer and remained there for two years until an injury forced him to suspend that career. However, he was so enamored with the functioning of Washington, DC that he worked for eighteen years on staff to some of the nation’s leading politicians, both Democrat and Republican. A talented writer, he was often asked to pen speeches for the congressmen and senators for whom he worked.

From Speechwriter to Speechmaker

Toward the end of two decades working for lawmakers, Shelton had an epiphany that he had more to offer the world and that it could not be brought to the masses while employed by someone else. To the deep chagrin of his parents, Shelton walked away from the government job of guaranteed paychecks and generous benefits. He chose to go out on his own to spread the word of God as it relates to self-improvement by writing books and heading up speaking engagements. Having worked with Billy Graham, he believed in the message that the life we live now is only temporary and that there is a permanent life that we need to place our emphasis on. That people need to realize that government is not the end all, and the public should be very wary of what politicians preach. A recent example is that it is his opinion that the government purposely sowed pandemic panic to control the masses. He even likes to use the word FEAR as an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. Shelton points out that Henry Kissinger once warned that governments would one day usher in a new world order through a vaccine.

Frank Shelton’s Book Discusses God Versus Government

Shelton recently published Urgency: Heaven or Hell? a book warning that no one should delay connecting to Jesus and his teachings. Shelton saw firsthand what evil inner workings are conducted in government, and that such clandestine networks like the deep state and Illuminati are real. He cautions that people should not put all their trust in any temporal government but rather place faith in an eternal God. A Bible verse that Shelton likes to recite is Psalms 118:8: It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to place trust in Man. As the world is threatened by a world leader playing God, Shelton’s latest book appears to require urgent reading.

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