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Where’s Jacki?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Jacki hardly missed a beat when her employment ended

By Michael Heath /

Self-Publishing, Inc. closed its doors in March after 30 successful years in business. For the last 14 years of its existence, authors were greeted by the cheery voice of Jacki Lynch and often counted on her to help them on their book publishing journey. When there was a question, or concern, they often went directly to her knowing they could count on Jacki for an answer or solution. Now that Vince and I have reopened a company with a slightly new name, callers are asking us: Where’s Jacki?

Jacki hardly missed a beat when her employment ended. Out of work for only two weeks, the go-getter went to work for a non-profit and likes the idea of a career where each day she is helping people (sound familiar?). That’s not to say she does not miss SP, she does. “I loved working at Self-Publishing” says Jacki whose attendance record indicates that sentiment. Rarely did she miss a day of work. Even bad snowstorms couldn’t keep her away. When severe weather struck the area, it was always Jacki who was the one SP counted on to open the office. A strong work ethic does not mean Jacki is not all work and no play. She is an avid dog lover and has owned several over the years. She claims to not have a favorite canine but prefers dogs that are cute and fluffy; when pressed she mentions American Eskimo as breed she likes. Most weekends she travels an hour north of New York City to historic Newburgh to visit her mother and care for the dogs. Her favorite holiday? The easy answer to that question is Christmas. People easily detect an extra cheeriness in Jacki’s voice as the holidays approach.

So that is a little bit on where Jacki is. As Vince and I move forward with our new venture, both of us have the best intentions to help all who call us. And we do this knowing there is no replacing Jacki Lynch. Authors will continue to miss the special motherly-care she provided during her tenure at Self-Publishing, Inc.

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