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Writers, Procrastination, and the 3 Sentence Rule

When writing your book, frustration quickly leads to procrastination.

Then nothing happens. And your book never gets finished.

How to Get'er Done!

By Michael Heath /

finish writing your book ... get'er done!

"Get'er Done" alright, that slipped past our editors (just kidding!). Not that I can take credit for the phrase. That little colloquialism is part of Larry the Cable Guy’s comedy act and hopefully he won’t mind me borrowing it. Getting a manuscript done is not an easy task. Larry the Cable Guy, author of three comedic tomes, could surely attest to this. 

Procrastination and Writing

Writers are dreamers. We get the ideas, characters and storyline in our imagination but often have trouble finding the time or ability to translate the parts into an orderly composition. Frustration leads to procrastination. Then nothing happens. The tale stays inside us, never to get out.

My son Christopher is a personal trainer. He tells me that exercising is not the hard part, it’s getting to the gym that is. I believe the same goes for writing a manuscript. The writing is not always the hard part, it is the sitting down in front of the computer and getting started that is difficult.

Writing Your Book With The Three Sentence Rule

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Maybe that is why I devised a little rule that serves me well. The rule is to write three sentences of my manuscript every day. Not three pages or three thousand words…just three sentences. Like brushing my teeth or making the bed, it is a rule. Or would it be better if it were called a habit?

Now three sentences may not sound ambitious. I will admit that there are days when I am tired or distracted or don’t feel like I have my writing muse. And those days I still sit down and write. Sometimes it is just the three sentences to get the chore over with. Other times I get started and write a whole lot more. The point is that I get some writing completed every day. There is always progress. In time, there is a finished manuscript. Let me suggest that you apply this little rule to your own writing. I believe that if you do, you will see that you get'er done!

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First published 12/2021

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