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Advancing College Vocabulary & Spelling Skills

About the Text:


The Enclosed CD Rom contains a wealth of information including word study cards on printable templates, PowerPoint slides of all words and definitions, and interactive puzzles. These additions to the text format are especially helpful to students for whom English is not their primary language.


The disk also contains audio clips of all words for every chapter so that stu-dents may hear the words correctly pronounced. Real pronunciation (rather than a computerized voice) helps in the student's learning of the new word’s pronunciation. Students may take practice tests as often as they like to sharpen their skills and to help them prepare for classroom tests.


The workbook was designed to help virtually anyone interested in refining their knowledge of the English language. Since the correct spelling of words is vital to nearly every successful person and business, this workbook has wide appeal.


About the Author:


Lawrence Scheg is a Reading Specialist currently teaching at Modesto Junior College. His career started in 1973 as Reading instructor for Walter Panas High School in Shrub Oak, New York. He was a pioneer in creating district, state, and fed-erally funded reading labs for that high school.


In 1995, Professor Scheg began a career in teaching Reading at the communi-ty college level at Santa Barbara City College. He also taught at Allan Hancock College and Antelope Valley College before moving to Modest Junior College in the fall of 2000.


In addition to his community college instruction, Professor Scheg has taught for Chapman University in their graduate level program. There he instructed aspiring teachers in how to implement the teaching of reading and study skills into virtually any curriculum – and at nearly any grade level.


Along with his career as a Reading instructor, Professor Scheg has taught Literature and Composition courses. In all of these areas, he noticed students having the same, or very similar, spelling problems. He decided to create workbooks that would take away a lot of the mystery and confusion of how to spell these often con-fusing words. One of his techniques is to provide the student with letter groupings of each word, both in the text (definitions page), and on the printable study cards (locat-ed on the CD Rom). The popularity of his books and CDs has been steadily increasing, and we are pleased to present this latest edition for the betterment of the communication skills of students everywhere - and in all walks of life.


To contact Professor Scheg send an e-mail to: ProfessorScheg@Yahoo.Com or visit on the Web at

Advancing College Vocabulary & Spelling Skills


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