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Advancing Critical Reading, Writing and Study Skills

About the Text:


This text was written for all students who are serious in their pursuit of refin-ing their reading skills. The works are often controversial and conflicting in their viewpoints. Each of the themes in this textbook serve as a focal point, or context, within which the individual selections are to be read, analyzed, and discussed. It is meant to challenge the reader to apply reading skills previ-ously learned.


These works will require a deep analysis and commentary by the stu-dent. Thoughtful discussion should then follow the readings - and that dis-cussion will enrich the reading experience. Every effort has been made to provide a balance within each theme. The author of this text encourages an open minded, unbiased approach to reading and discussing these selections. As always, supplemental readings, videos, and diverse forms of multimedia may be incorporated into any course using this text.


This text, as any text of this nature, is a sampling of works. The choice of what to include is often a difficult one leaving many more items to be discovered by the inquiring mind.


It is hoped that the students’ lives, world view, and literature base will be broadened as they refine their reading, writing, and study skills. This text is not meant to be easy, but to be exciting and challenging. It is meant to take one from the often mundane busywork world of textbooks to the master-ing of knowledge of great worth.


The author of this text is constantly open to revision and would like to hear from you concerning your suggestions for future editions. Please enjoy the journey.


About the Author:


Lawrence Scheg is a Reading Specialist currently teaching at Modesto Junior College. His career started in 1973 as Reading instructor for Walter Panas High School in Shrub Oak, New York. He was a pioneer in creating district, state, and federally funded reading labs for that high school.


In 1995, Professor Scheg began a career in teaching Reading at the community college level at Santa Barbara City College. He also taught at Allan Hancock College and Antelope Valley College before arriving at Modesto Junior College in 2000.


In addition to his community college instruction, Professor Scheg has taught for Chapman University in their graduate level program. There he instructed aspiring teachers in how to implement the teaching of Reading and Study Skills into virtually any curriculum – and at nearly any grade level. His other textbooks include: Improving Essential Reading and Study Skills, and Conquering Often Confused and Misspelled Words.


To contact Professor Scheg send an e-mail to:

Advancing Critical Reading, Writing and Study Skills


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