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An Interview With GOD

Do you ever wonder if you are living a life that is pleasing to our Heavenly Father?


Has it ever crossed your mind as to what God might say to you on that day, the one that we must all face?


Have you thought about what it would be like going before God on Judgment Day?


The Bible clearly teaches us that we all must go before the Lord. And that time has come for Richard Cantrell, as it is now Judgment Day.


Before Richard can enter Heaven, he must undergo an extensive interview to uncover if his life on earth warrants the gift of eternal life with God. Richard most certainly feels he has done everything he should have during his life to make God happy with him. However, the question is; does God share those same feelings about Richard?

David Roberts was born and raised in the beautiful

mountains of southwest Virginia. David's devotion

and love for God has inspired him to write in a way

that grabs your attention like never before. After his

first book, "The Everlasting Choice", had touched the

lives of so many people, David knew he needed to

continue writing. "The Everlasting Choice", and the

life-changing "An Interview With God", are available


An Interview With GOD


Job # 22980. Unit Price $7.60 for each book.

The above price for your book is for a block of 25 Books at a wholesale price, no additional cost, FREE shipping.

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