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Art: A Healing Tool for Children




Claudia Y. Williams was born in Jamaica. She has spent more than twenty years as a clinical social worker, educator and administrator serving children and families. She has been a field instructor for graduate students, parent educator and trainer. Currently she is a consultant in the area of educational planning and training. 

She holds a PhD in International Education from NYU and masters degrees from NYU and Atlanta University (Clark – Atlanta) in education and social work. She has presented and participated in International conferences held in Denmark, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Greece, United Kingdom and Spain. Other international activities include being the NGO representative for The Council of International Programs USA. Coordinating international placements for clinical students from Mico University and acting as an International liaison for the Edna Manley College of Fine Arts. 

Throughout her professional career Claudia has employed an interdisciplinary approach to meet the needs of the populations she served. Collaborations with Art Therapists have provided a valuable strategy for addressing mental health issues and serving at risk populations. 


Art Therapy in the Caribbean provides a brief overview of the use of art with children and adolescents. It examines the use of art in the Caribbean culture and specifically in Jamaica as a tool for helping children in distress. It highlights the need to support formalized training in Art Therapy which allow clinicians another tool to serve the local Caribbean population as well as the diaspora. 

Art: A Healing Tool for Children


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