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Carrying Greatness

WHAT ARE ODDS? Frank Shelton, Jr. is a fifth generation Washingtonian and his paternal ancestor, Joseph Gales Shelton hand carried President Abraham Lincoln across the street on Good Friday 1865 the night of the assasina­tion. His maternal ancestor, William Easton was the foreman who led the team planting the iconic Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin in our Nation's Capital. One carried America's most beloved President in death and the other planted trees in life but convniced today both knew at the time they were carrying greatness. God has deposited GREATness in each of us and He makes no junk! This book is packed with fifteen powerful chapters of illustrations filled with patriotism, prayer and perseverance to help you find your purpose and personal worth. Mary when pregnant with Jesus was not only carrying greatness but the Gospel and God in the process. David didn't waste his wilderness on the backside of a desert with a sling and few stones. His preparation in private became his promotion in public when he toppled Goliath. Joseph had a coat of many colors. The coat on the outside resembled his value on the inside and his brothers wanted him dead but this led to God's perfect plan for his life. Joseph is a reminder that you cannot keep a good man down! From homeless to Hollywood and paupers to Presidents he paints a portrait in vivid detail the responsibility of carrying greatness. It has been said, "To whom much is given much is required." At age five, Frank's parents took him to see Elvis Presley in concert twice in 1977. The Shelton Family friend, Bob Cantwell was personal friends with the late entertainer and was invited to participate at his funeral. Joseph of Arimathea carried Jesus from Golgotha to Garden Tomb. What went through his head as helped carry the God of the Universe in their arms? Lincoln was killed on Good Friday and the Lord died on Good Friday. Lincoln freed the slaves and Jesus paid the penalty for mankind shackled enslaved in sin. One brought temporal freedom and the other bought eternal freedom with faith in Christ and God's grace. The last chapter Adoption > Abortion is powerful! Shelton's ancestor carried "The King of a nation," some carried "The King of Rock n Roll," but like Joseph of Arimathea we carry "The King of all kings" by our life and lips. It is one thing to carry greatness and another when Greatness carries you!"

Carrying Greatness


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