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This is a story about the many changes in a person’s life. Raising kids, getting married, losing a spouse, moving across the country all are big changes. Elizabeth experienced all these. Elizabeth had to learn about prejudice, different cultures, and new ways of thinking. She also had to learn how to be the head of the household, and the trial of raising kids on her own. The biggest change was in her attitude. She learned to trust in the Lord and not her good works. After years of trying to be acceptable to God, she learned that she could not be good enough. She discovered through the testimony of her aunt and others that she was loved by the Lord because of her belief and trust in Him. It is not what she did, but what she believed that was what made the difference in her life to Him. Yes, there were many changes in her life, some difficult, some humorous, and all challenging. But Elizabeth proved, once again, that old people still have a lot to learn. 



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