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The parish of St. Thomas where the children who produced the drawings reside ,covers some 286 square miles with a population of some 94,000 people. The children have an environment that gives them access to the mountains as well as the ocean. The area is based on an agricultural economy, some tourism and fishing which is primarily for local consumption. 

St Thomas is not a major tourist destination as some of the other parishes in Jamaica. Bath one of the communities in St. Thomas has hot and cold mineral springs. The waters of these springs have magnesium, sulfur and lime . St Thomas also has an extensive Botanical Gardens with rare and interesting plants. 

The use of the virtual program delivery allows the Parents who receive their Health Care to receive additional supports thru the P.A.T. program. The Parents Association and the Early Childhood program professionals have noticed that the children who are entering the first and second grades are showing the effects of the pandemic. Teachers report that these children are entering the classroom with none of the skills that previous groups came to the classroom prepared for learning. The emphasis on using the virtual service delivery hopefully will provide the Parents and children an opportunity to rehearse and practice a range of activities that support language and communication skills. It will allow Parents to interact with their children in a number of ways that will enhance learning. 

The use of simulated cases, parents as teachers, digital activities, and other opportunities to utilize literacy strategies will allow the children to code switch and problem solve independently. 



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