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Crunch Time Evangelism

 This book presents ‘crunch time evangelism’ as an urgent up-to-date appeal for reaching lost souls for Christ. It advocates the awareness that the last-day church needs to engage its members in an all-out effort to help rescue perishing souls from the jaws of the enemy and death. We have to use all our God-given faculties, utilize all our resources, unleash all our energies, mobilize all our forces in a final attempt to help save the lost before this world comes to its predicted end. 

It’s a simple and easy to read guide that can redirect the church to make a shift from an old to a new approach in ministry. One that is desperately needed to meet the acceleration of immorality and the proliferation of evil. Time is running out on humanity while heaven’s last call to rescue has been unheeded. As each congregation seeks to find new ways or approaches to deploy their evangelism team with the life-line of the gospel, it is inevitable that the forces of evil will appose and resist their effort. In light of this reality, the church is mandated to present Christ as the change factor to defeat the enemies plans. 

This book strongly affirms that the urgency of our time demands an urgent change in our rescue operation that is propelled by an urgent message. Christ therefore, must be acknowledge and presented as the epicenter that will create real and genuine change in everyone’s life, in every desperate situation, and to meet the demands of every congregation. 

Crunch Time Evangelism


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