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Different is Not Done

Emily Parker has just retired from a long career in social services. She has lots of plans for trying new things now that she has so much free time. Through the years she gets involved in much volunteer work and tries many new things. What she did not plan was physical problems and emotional difficulties. Although she has been a follower of Christ for many years, she finally learns what true dependence on the Lord means. Many changes in her ability to function cause her to get discouraged. During this new phase of her life she learns she is Different but Not Done.


J.L. Damerst has lived in St. Marys, Pennsylvania for many years with her husband, Jeff. Soon they will be celebrating fifty years of marriage. The children have all grown and have children of their own. Both J.L. and Jeff remain faithful in serving the Lord through their church and their personal lives. However, aging has caused them to slow down and eliminate some of their favorite pastimes. Like Emily in our story, they both have had to learn to be content with their limitations. Visits from their kids and grandkids still excite them, but now they are not as able to be as active with them. Fortunately, everyone pitches in and helps when these visits occur. Family is still very important to the Damersts, but their number one priority is remains service to their Lord.

Different is Not Done


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