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If I Only Knew

If I Only Knew by Norman Kanefsky 

During the thirty-five years since making the fateful decision to leave the safety and security of my accounting practice, I’ve encountered many experiences; some exciting, some traumatic. More times than I can count, I would say to myself, “Someday, I’m going to write a book”. This is the book! Not everyone will believe what they read, but it’s all true. I’m basically a private person. I haven’t shared most of these adventures with anyone, even those who I am closest to. But if I did not write this book, those narratives would be lost forever. I have not planned to publish or widely circulate this book. I’m not looking for fame or fortune from its publication. Mostly, I want my wife and family to know of my experiences. My thoughts on this are expressed in much more detail inside.

If I Only Knew


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