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Impact Keeping Your Players Safe

Critical time information for Parents, Coaches, Athletic Trainers, School Nurses and young players of contact sports. The contents of this Guide relates if children suffer ‘ a direct blow to the head’ or elsewhere on the body with an impulsive force transmitted to the head. Since 1969 extensive research and media coverage have been dedicated to sport-related ‘blow to the head’ injuries that at times lead to Concussion. Young athletes pose unique challenges because their brains are still developing and may be more susceptible to the effects of Concussion. Only less than 12 years ago a young athlete with ‘ a slight hit or low grade blow’ to the head would be allowed to return to game as soon as 15 minutes after his or her symptoms cleared. Since then more extensive research has provided medical professionals with a better understanding of the symptomatic course and risk of potential long-term complications from Concussions. Concussion education in youth and high school communities is complicated by the misconception that a Concussion may be ‘toughed it out’ and does not require a medical provider’s visit. Unfortunately many parents, coaches and young players still seems to believe that youth is a period of indestructibility. This book stands to share didactic information in an elementary manner easily understood by many at this critical time.

Impact Keeping Your Players Safe


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