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GRAHAM HALE GARDNER died before turning twenty-three and never learned to walk or speak, due to severe cerebral palsy. Yet he left a legacy of love and compassion that deeply moved scores of people from widely different backgrounds. Jabberwocky is a story of adversity, resilience, and, ultimately, transformation and grace. Against the backdrop of a pioneering summer camp for the disabled, a place where hope flourishes and whimsicality prevails, Graham and his father encounter an eclectic group of people whose laughter, mutual support and love offer a message of hope in a troubled world.


“This is a holy book.”

—Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, author of Invisible Lines of Connection


DR. STEVEN GARDNER is an internist at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. As a member of the MGH Global Disaster Response Team he has served in Haiti and the Philippines with Project Hope. He has been a volunteer physician at the Martha’s Vineyard Cerebral Palsy Camp (“Camp Jabberwocky”) for 25 years, caring for children and adults with a wide range of challenges. He is a passionate photographer whose images focus on the resilience of people facing adversity and the compassion of the people who assist them. He is a past winner of the Harvard Medical School Humanism in Medicine Award. This is his first book.



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