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Modern Orthodontics

Modern Orthodontics


Is there a difference in how one can straighten their teeth? Is there a faster way, a less painful way? Are braces just a commodity? What are the differences in orthodontics today compared to say, twenty or thirty years ago? Over the many years, Dr. Chamberlain been asked these questions both indirectly and directly as thousands of patients and parents have passed through his office.


In this book, Dr. Chamberlain will first discuss advances orthodontists have made to create a more enjoyable experience for the patient. From the first phone call to the time braces are placed, to their removal and beyond in retention, many orthodontists have become ultra-focused on creating a relationship-based practice that the whole family can enjoy. The second part of the book discusses the advanced technology that has come into the profession to shorten treatment times, decrease discomfort, remove compliance problems, increase accuracy and consider whole body health.


Best-selling author (Success Today with co-author Brian Tracy), Dr. Chamberlain founded Chamberlain Orthodontics in October, 2002. From the beginning of his practice, he has founded his success on excellent patient relationships, quality treatment, and an extraordinary team. Dr. Chamberlain has grown his practice to include offices throughout Arizona and Utah..

Modern Orthodontics


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