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Mrs. Agnes Starts Over

A story of life after retirement and death of a spouse.

J.L. Damerst


What happens when a pampered secure woman has

her whole world changed when her husband dies? Agnes

P. Bush has to learn how to cope with finances, car

maintenance, and facing the world on her own. She

has to learn to make decisions for the first time in her

life. Through several events, Agnes learns how to be assertive

and take on a leadership role in the community.

She makes some startling changes not only in her own

life, but in the life of the community. Through all of

her adventures, Agnes finally learns where her strength

really comes from. She finds that knowing all about

the Lord is not the same as trusting Him for life.

Mrs. Agnes Starts Over


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192 pages, trim size 5 x 8, job #14286


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