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Music: A Healing Tool for Children and Adolescents



Clinicians in the Caribbean frequently use music in

various forms to work with children. Young people are

familiar with these activities as they are an integral part

of the elementary school curriculum, religious programs

and community celebrations. The creation, performance

and appreciation of music provide a comfort zone which

is ideal for involvement in a therapeutic relationship.

This is an overview of the use of music with children

and adolescents. It looks at different types of musical

events and interaction which exists in the Caribbean,

in particular within the Jamaican culture. It provides

some examples of music in ceremonial rituals and used

therapeutically with young people in the region,

The text provides a framework for understanding the

importance of music in the Caribbean community, and

examines how music is used for healing and transformation

in the lives of children and adolescents in the

indigenous population.

Music: A Healing Tool for Children and Adolescents


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