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Ontology A Practical Guide

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This book would not be possible without the efforts of all the colleagues with whom I have written papers over the years. In many cases, others were the principal author on the papers I have included. Below I list each section that was written by or with others, along with the original citation from which it was adapted. I am grateful for their permission to include their work in this book. Many examples and ideas in the text were also inspired by others and I have cited them directly when they appear. Professor Pushpak Bhattacharya: In the chapter "Knowledge Representation" the sections "Description Logic" (beginning Page 40) and 

"Propositional and Predicate Logic" (beginning Page 46) were written by Prof. Bhattacharya. Portions of this text appeared previously as (Bhattacharya 2007). Professor Christiane Fellbaum: In the chapter "Ontologies (in the broadest sense)", the section "WordNet (and why it's not an ontology)" (beginning Page 71) was adapted from the paper (Pease&Fellbaum 2004), and part of that paper was also used for sections in the chapter "Suggested Upper Merged Ontology" (beginning page 86) as well as the chapter "SUMO and the WordNet Mappings" (starting on Page 157) Dr. Ian Niles: In the chapter "Suggested Upper Merged Ontology" the sections "SUMO Overview" (beginning Page 101) and "SUMO's eleven Modules" (starting on Page 105) were taken from one of the original papers on SUMO, specifically, (Niles&Pease 2001). The section "Semiotics Content" 

(beginning on Page 147) was taken from (Pease&Niles 2002). Professor Geoff Sutcliffe: The chapter "Using SUMO for Inference" 

(starting Page 215) was taken from (Pease&Sutcliffe 2007). Dr. John Zhi-Cheng Li: The chapter "Using SUMO for Linguistics" 

(beginning Page 235) was taken from (Pease&Li 2010). Dr. Gerard de Melo and Dr. Fabian Suchanek. The chapter "An Application: Extending SUMO with Wikipedia" (starting Page 249) is taken from ( de Melo et al 2008). 

Ontology A Practical Guide


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