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This book is dedicated to everyone who is struggling with addictions and feel powerless to do anything about the substances, activities and behaviors that are ruining their lives. This book will enlighten you by showing you there is a way out. 


This book is also dedicated to Bishop and Mother Ayers, my spiritual leaders. I was under their leadership for 34 years beginning at age 2. They taught me what it means to live a holy and sanctified life for the Lord. They taught me how to build an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through fasting, praying, reading and obeying the word of God, and otherwise being faithful to God and everything that God has told me to do. I watched them as they stood firm on God’s word while facing the many challenges that came against them as spiritual leaders. As a result, I saw the miracles, signs and wonders that God will do when people fully submit themselves. Because of my upbringing, I know that there is no addiction or problem of any kind that God cannot give us the power to overcome. 



Unit Price $14.50 for each book.

The above price for your book is for a block of 25 Books at a wholesale price, no additional cost, FREE shipping.

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