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Real Estate Hobby Millionaire

Discover the simple secrets to understanding the complex world of real estate. Bonnie Laslo shows how anyone can easily get started in real estate in less than 30 minutes. Learn how to become wealthy in real estate and how to:


• Avoid losing your shirt.

• Be prepared for the tenants from hell.

• Avoid putting too much money into your property.

• Identify things you need to look for in buying property.

• Purchase at the best price.

• Do simple calculations to make sure the deal is a great deal.


“Bonnie has been a superb mentor and guide during my introduction to RE investing. Working with Bonnie has been inspirational and motivating after witnessing her hands on approach and never quit attitude.”

—Patrick M. O’Donnell, Owner, Blue Stone Investments


“The Hobby Millionaire is a Guaranteed success for real estate investing and management. I was able to be financially free in 1 year!”

— Drew Bayer, President, G.R.E.A.T. Services, LLC.


“Your already in Real Estate? Then you know This is the REAL DEAL!”

— Kimber Lim, LA Performance Magazine


BonnIE Laslo is the real deal; she is a master at buying and renting real estate and has built a great name for herself with millions in assets and many people that she has helped create simple success in a complex industry.

Real Estate Hobby Millionaire


Job # 22897. Unit Price $7.69 for each book.

The above price for your book is for a block of 25 Books at a wholesale price, no additional cost, FREE shipping.

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