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Reigniting the Passion for Public Evangelism


Anyone who is serious about public evangelism or evangelism as a whole, this book takes you back to the blueprint. Unlike other written material on the subject, it presents fresh ideas, practical steps to take, and a bold new approach in using Christ method. It refocuses and redirects one back to his or her calling to ministry. It simplifies the mission and objective of the church and why Christ established it. It declares that no one can go wrong, or fail when Christ method is followed. Certainly, it gives insight and perspective to the divine mandate. As a practical guide in evangelism, it contains the framework of a workbook. It shears a number of essential suggestions that can be use to win souls for Christ. At the same time, it offers simple steps that can be implemented to help keep them in the church. It also outlines the principles for church growth as they relate to spiritual maturity, social stability and economic prosperity. It exposes some of the reasons for lack of evangelism success among contemporary churches. It teaches how to avoid the mistakes of the past and draws a comparative analysis both historic and modern. It encourages strong biblical hermeneutics and contextual application to the spiritual challenges that today’s church faces. This book is a must to have tool in the evangelism toolbox of every church member, leader, minister, evangelist and pastor. Finally, it helps to reignite passion for public evangelism by offering simple biblical solutions to the issues that impedes progress in this great work.

Reigniting the Passion for Public Evangelism


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