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SET Breaking Down the Elements to Urban Stand up Comedy

You can't imagine what this feels like, I have read so many album and CD thank you pages. I use to practice in school and do a thank you page at the end of every semester. Now I get to do one for real. HERE WE GO!


I would like to thank:


God first and foremost for carrying me through all the tragedy I've been through to be able to tell you guys about it. He gives you nothing you can't handle.


To the Brown Family - Mama & Papa Brown, Andre Brown, Kevin Brown and LaShawn Brown

You allowed me to sharpen my craft at the UPTOWN COMEDY CLUB.


To My Family - David, Ricky, Chiefy, Bedee and Bodus

My Comedy Homies - SugaBear, Kool Herm, Rich Lewis, Rudy Rush and Faceman


The people from day one that rode with me and truly supported me throughout my career.


To My Daughters - Tyler, Monique, Sierra and Tabitha

You ladies give me the steam to keep moving and keep going. Daddy loves you.


To my confidant, the one that understands me and made me see the reality in all my dreams. I weighed so much on you and you too should bathe in my success just as much as I do.

My Wife, Sophia L. Straker

Thank you!

SET Breaking Down the Elements to Urban Stand up Comedy


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